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Gripping New Adventure as Space Program Insider Tours Mars Colony

Gripping New Adventure as Space Program Insider Tours Mars Colony

On 6/20, space program insider Corey Goode was brought to Mars for a tour of a colony that is not supposed to exist. Fascinating new intel has come to light as a result of this trip -- and it is a very entertaining read!

Some people wonder if we are "alone in the universe."
Others are open-minded about paranormal phenomena, believe that ETs do exist and are visiting us, and wonder where "they" come from.
You may take it for granted that the Roswell crash did occur, that the US government reverse-engineered the technology and developed space travel.
Roswell was seventy years ago.
Do you think maybe, just maybe the military-industrial complex would have gone out into space, taken a look around and built some colonies since then?


What if these colonies built even more of the reverse-engineered "weird stuff" -- all completely off-planet?
Would the security of an off-planet location ensure that these exotic gadgets could never appear on Earth, no matter how valiant anyone's effort might be?
Might there be millions of people already working out in space in these colonies -- doing extremely advanced high-tech jobs?
And if so, could they have been lied to about what happened on Earth since they left -- after some 60 million took off in the "Brain Drain" of the 50s and 60s?
Could brilliantly complex lies have been designed to make them never want to return to their homeland -- for generations now?
Might they have been told that they never could return?
Could a single, innocent word -- 'Texas' -- ultimately be the "shot heard round the solar system," triggering a revolutionary awakening within the colonies?

The true scope of what there is to know about our development of space will come as a great shock to the vast majority of everyone here.
Over a hundred different off-planet colonies, each with at least tens of thousands of staff -- if not hundreds of thousands -- now exist throughout our solar system.
All of these facilities, and the technology that goes along with them, will be handed over to humanity on earth -- far sooner than we think.
This is only fair, in the grander scheme of things. 

Our collective financial and industrial base -- the value we built as a human race -- provided the seed-money investment to build this vast infrastructure.
Investors are entitled to a return -- at least within a fair and equitable system.
Yet, we are still driving hundred-year-old gasoline-burning technology on a crumbling infrastructure of paved gravel roads -- choking out nature wherever they roam.
"Electric Vehicle Charging Stations" can still be seen scattered throughout Southern California. I just passed one of them yesterday while walking in to LAX airport.
They are a pathetic reminder of another positive, planet-healing initiative that was crushed by Big Industry.
Once you understand "vertical integration," you realize that the same cabal owns Big Industry, Big Agriculture, Big Finance, Big Media and Big Government.
This is not a "conspiracy theory." The proof is absolutely irrefutable -- and is so widely available that everyone is talking about it now.

Last week, The Independent published an article that reluctantly admitted how many "conspiracy theories" are already becoming irrefutable facts.
It should be very clear that if this much has already come to light, it is still only the tip of the iceberg:
6/15: Perhaps the Conspiracy Theorists Have Been Right All Along
Conspiracy theories used to be so easy.
You’d have your mate who, after a few beers, would tell you that the moon landings were faked or that the Illuminati controlled everything or that the US government was holding alien autopsies in Area 51.
And you’d be able to dismiss this because it was all rubbish.
Look, you’d say, we have moon rock samples and pictures and we left laser reflectors on the surface and... basically you still don’t believe me but that’s because you’re mad and no proof on earth (or the moon) would satisfy you.

It’s true that there was always the big one which wasn’t quite so easily dismissed.
This was the Kennedy assassination -- but here you could be fairly sure that the whole thing was a terrible, impenetrable murky morass.
You knew that some things never would be known (or would be released, partially redacted by the CIA, 200 years in the future).
And you knew that whatever the truth was, it was probably a bit dull compared to your mate’s flights of fantasy involving the KGB, the Mafia and the military-industrial complex.
Besides, it all made for a lot of very entertaining films and books.
This nice, cozy state of affairs lasted until the early 2000s. But then something changed.

These days conspiracy theories don’t look so crazy and conspiracy theorists don’t look like crackpots.
In fact, today’s conspiracy theory is tomorrow’s news headlines.
It’s tempting, I suppose, to say we live in a golden age of conspiracy theories, although it’s only really golden for the architects of the conspiracies.
From the Iraq war to Fifa to the banking crisis, the truth is not only out there, but it’s more outlandish than anything we could have made up.

Of course, our real-life conspiracies aren’t much like The X-Files – they’re disappointingly short on aliens and the supernatural. [DW: So far.]
Rather, they’re more like John Le Carre books. Shady dealings by powerful people who want nothing more than to line their profits at the expense of others.
The abuse of power. Crazy ideologues who try and create their own facts for fun and profit.
Corporations supplanting governments via regulatory capture.

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, just over 100 years ago now, the value of the dollar has decreased by 96 percent.
The Federal Reserve is a private corporation of multi-billionaires that the United States government out-sourced the issuance of its currency to in 1913.
If you have done your homework, you know these billionaires are part of a multi-generational organized crime syndicate that effectively seized power over much of the world.
People are conditioned to laugh at labels like "The Illuminati" -- but the underlying fact that "secret earth governments" are running things cannot be denied.
All over the world right now, regardless of which country you live in, you are hearing "There is no money left. All the money is gone."
Everyone is hurting -- badly.
It is amazing that the controlled media can still get away with calling this Greater Depression a "recovery." Or the equally silly "Great Recession."

Money is just an indication of value. It moves from one place to another. The value of money is not destroyed once it has been moved.
If you have ten dollars in your savings account and you transfer it into your checking, you still have ten dollars.
Yes, you could say that your savings account is now bankrupt -- but you still have ten dollars.
If you then spend it on something, someone else now has your ten dollars -- but it's still there.
Now imagine this on a much grander scale.
All of the money earned by our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents -- all the value they generated -- had to go somewhere.
And wherever our money went, it's still there.

If you give someone ten thousand dollars, and they go and invest it and turn it into a million dollars, you deserve some share of the profits.
That's why we invest. Providing "seed money" comes at a risk, but if the investment pays off, fair business practices stipulate that the dividends must be shared.
This is the whole basis of why we put our money in stocks, bonds, commodities and other products.
A wide variety of fraudulent practices have siphoned off our wealth and used it as investment capital -- to develop industrial colonies out in space.
The business that was built by the military-industrial complex has boomed to epic proportions.
Not one bit of its dividends have been shared with humanity on earth.

Furthermore, an "Ancient Builder Race" left extensive, highly-advanced ruins on Earth and all throughout our solar system.
Those advanced artifacts, abandoned cities and re-occupied ancient facilities are the rightful property of those now living here on Earth.
Thankfully, it now appears the walls of secrecy are tumbling down, and we will soon be able to claim our cosmic inheritance.
All of us will be able to live like millionaires -- with technology beyond our wildest dreams -- once the truth is revealed.

A vastly superior race of benevolent ETs have made themselves formally known to the Secret Space Program since 2012.
They demonstrated quite a show of force, arriving in 100-plus spheres ranging in size from the Moon to Jupiter.
The "Sphere Alliance" contacted a breakaway faction of the Secret Space Program known as Solar Warden.
Together, they are now pushing to peacefully, gradually and effectively relinquish the lies and secrecy.
The Cabal would never have handed over this technology and revealed any of these secrets unless they were forced to -- by a bigger kid on the playground.

Though Earth humans are far from the most spiritually advanced race out there, we have become excellent builders of hyper-exotic technology.
The hard-earned cash from our blood, sweat and tears has directly helped finance an off-planet industrial operation that is staggering in scope.
The true size of this industrial operation was not available to anyone in the public domain until Corey Goode published his latest update this morning.
As impossible as this may sound, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, or ICC, just revealed they are in intense, ongoing trade relations with.....
Nearly nine hundred different civilizations.
And there are many, many more who they are in contact with on a less-frequent basis.

The Secret Space Program insider Corey Goode sent me a preliminary copy of what you are about to read, by email, last night. It wasn't finished yet.
He was on one side of the kitchen table and I was on the other. I read it, gave a few suggestions and went to sleep.
While I was peacefully sacked out in my room, sleeping until 10AM, he went ahead and finished the whole thing.
In my view this is definitely the best, most engaging thing he has ever written.
And, as impossible as it may sound, it is all based on what really happened to him three nights ago. 

The hyper-evolved beings within the Sphere Alliance are here to peacefully restore order to our solar system, and usher us into the promised Golden Age.
They do not want to show up in blazing chariots in the sky and rescue us. We have to do this ourselves. And they are helping us create this new reality.
Corey and his commanding officer Gonzales just performed the Alliance equivalent of a UN weapons inspection on an ICC colony from Mars.
The goal was to gauge whether the people there were living in slavery-type conditions -- and to gain critical intelligence about a facility revealed by a recent new defector.
The adventure he went through -- just prior to flying out for this trip -- is truly worthy of a filmic treatment in and of itself.
Corey has felt like these journeys are often the equivalent of trips into hell. I have done my part to try to help him feel better about what he is doing.
I have told him how lucky he is to be brought into this world. If I ever get the chance to go myself, it will be the fulfillment of a lifetime of unceasing effort.
Countless dreams have indicated that this will indeed be happening. And it won't be long before this is a reality that all of us will have access to.

We are finally here at Gaiam Studios to "do it right" -- on a professional level -- capturing and releasing this vast, epic narrative in a series of episodes.
This will be in addition to whatever I do with our original footage that we shot in my home back in April -- and which I am in the final stages of learning enough to be able to self-produce.
We are discussing how to make this content as readily accessible to everyone as possible. It will probably be featured in a show we will call Disclosure: Special Edition.
Corey Goode has now met with the CEO, the president, the director, the head of production and several other key staff in the Gaiam production crew.
This is an important point. Corey just went through an entire day of being (excitedly) interrogated by the highest-level staff in the company.
Every time we asked him a question, the answers tumbled out like a waterfall.
No matter how specific and idiosyncratic the question might be, his answers are remarkably detailed.
Best of all, they all thread beautifully with what I have heard from so many others.

Corey and I were both very impressed with the degree of preparation that Gaiam had going in.
This included a centimeter-thick book of printouts of pictures of different types of ETs -- to see which ones look the most like what he saw, and how we can illustrate them correctly.
Every word of Corey's online testimony -- on his website and Facebook page -- was thoroughly studied, analyzed and outlined, as well as the contents of our six-hour video interview.
Tomorrow we are going to attempt to create an overview that encompasses the main details and compresses it into a half-hour. We had meetings all day on how to accomplish that.
This overview will be just the icebreaker that opens up the doors to a much larger series of discussions -- that could turn into many more episodes.
We are hoping to have a rapid turnaround speed on the release of the overview. The estimates may be overly exuberant, but we are hoping for the best.
Everyone was completely captivated by the story of Corey's meeting at the Mars colony -- and it is well worth your time to read it for yourself.
The more Corey writes, the better he gets. This article has already gone viral like nothing else he has ever written, for good reason -- so check it out!

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