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Transcript of David Wilcock Interview on Whistleblower Radio, Dec. 14, 2011 posted by Steve Beckow

Transcript of David Wilcock Interview on Whistleblower Radio, Dec. 14, 2011

2011 December 21
Posted by Steve Beckow

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Ellen has made a transcript of Kerry Cassidy’s interview with David Wilcock on Project Camelot Whistleblower radio Dec. 14, 2011, following threats having been made against David’s life. I personally find it much easier to read a transcript than watch a video or listen to an audio these days so I’m very grateful to Ellen for having carried out such an extensive task. 

Again I repeat that I’ve experienced what David may be going through here, where the body takes over from the mind and causes weeping such as occurs for David. Because I’ve experienced such an incident, I hasten to add that the body’s assertion of control in a circumstance like this should not, in my opinion, be interpreted as fear and is not something a person has conscious control over. 

I apologize for the length of this post, but the subject matter is, I believe, important for us to know about and have access to. The same source of the funds involved in the lawsuit is the source for the funds of the Bridge Project. This is one little-known group of the Earth allies.

Kerry Cassidy Interviews David Wilcock

Kerry Cassidy: How is everyone tonight? This is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, Whistleblower Radio. And we are going to have a – well, a very unusual and dynamic show this evening. We are going to have two guests, my scheduled guest who is Maxine Taylor – and she is an astrologer and an author of, I believe, two books at this point. And she’s going to tell you more about that. Then I’m also going to have David Wilcock on the air with me here, who has just received a death threat. And we are going to ask our audience to focus, surround him with white light and protection. We’ve gotten in touch with some very important people here, and – hold on one second. This is Kerry Cassidy. Do we have David Wilcock and Maxine Taylor? If we could just add them, if there is any chance of adding the guests and getting them here onto this call?

David Wilcock: I’m here.

Cassidy: Okay, Hi, David. You’re there.

Wilcock: Yeah. Umhmm.

Cassidy: Okay, So let me repeat this. David Wilcock has received a death threat. I’ve asked him to come on my show at the last minute here, after I just got a notice myself about it. We have contacted the necessary people to protect him, and they are going to be doing that. But I also am asking the listening audience to surround him with white light and protection, and if you have any means to address this situation from a multiple of angles, please do so. And so, go ahead David, and tell your story, and let’s deal with this.

Wilcock: All right. It’s all – it –

Cassidy: It’s okay. Let’s just take it one step at a time. And I just want to say that, you know, you are beloved by many, many people out there. And I have contacted a very important person who can [inaudible] in every way. And so, do not worry. Whatever can be done will be done on your behalf. And I have to say, I’ve seen the future, and you’re going to be fine.

Wilcock: Well, I appreciate that. Yeah. So, I’ve been covering this Fulford story. And I released information about something that is much more secret than UFOs. And I have been…. I was called today, after I put this online, and this particular individual was called by two different people. And one of them said, “Do you like David Wilcock?” That was how he started the conversation. And, you know, he said that – both of these people basically said the same thing, which is that I need to get part two of the article out tonight. They wouldn’t go into detail, but I was told that if I was tortured, then, that that would be lucky, and that probably I wouldn’t make it, but that if I get through the next three days, that I’ll probably be okay. But that I would be much safer if I could get this information out tonight, because, I was led to believe, that if someone is going to come and talk to me and give me the gun-or-the-money game, where they try to buy me out, or threaten me with death, and maybe narco-hypnosis or something like that, mind control kind of things, I don’t know, but that basically all I have before that that team would show up here is tonight. So I felt like – I’m sorry for crying.

Cassidy: No, David, you know, we’re with you, and really, really, it’s okay. You know, you are surrounded by incredible light, as you know. Okay? And you are so loved. I just can’t even say the number of people out there. The word is getting out. Believe me, this situation will be handled from so many different directions. And I just want you to hang in there and please just stay with us and talk to us about not only this, but what the story is that you’re being told to get out there. You’ve got this forum right here, you’ve got radio stations – I’m sure that we’re going to get some simulcasts out there hooked up. Anyone who knows anyone who’s a broadcaster in radio, please ask them to take this stream –
[Sobs in background]

David? You are totally going to be okay. What matters here is that you keep it together, and that you are able to tell us the story.

Wilcock: Okay.

Cassidy: Because this is going to protect you. The truth –

Wilcock: Okay.

Cassidy: – putting out there, this is what’s going to protect you. Okay?

Wilcock: Okay.

Cassidy: Once it’s out there, they can’t touch you. It’s in the public of domains. So let’s get it out there.

Wilcock: Okay. All right. I’ll pull it together. Fulford has never – okay. I guess – okay, the context. This is what I now know. I have been in contact – I’ve been in touch with Benjamin Fulford. He came out on the scene in 2007 as we all know. And what he ultimately has been saying is that there’s an alliance of 117 nations, and those nations are aligned against the Illuminati, which if you don’t know is the secret political leadership of the G5 countries – and not a whole lot else anymore. They were running a lot of other countries by proxy. They were having puppet dictators running a lot of these countries in the Middle East and in Africa, and those countries are now claiming back their sovereignty. And the tip of the spear of what they have been planning to blow this whole thing open is a lawsuit.

Fulford has been talking about this lawsuit on his website for at least a year and a half. The website was published, it was filed – Fulford said it would be filed on November 15th; it was filed on November 23rd. It’s 111 pages long. It’s incredibly intricate. I downloaded it when it first showed up. I thought it was bullshit when it first showed up because they quoted from Wikipedia regarding the Davos World Economic Forum. I wrote a long missive on Benjamin Fulford’s website saying that I thought this thing was bullshit.

After that, the people who were responsible for filing the lawsuit contacted me personally. We began a relationship which has led to an extensive amount of contact. They have sent me over 500 photographs. They have sent me dozens of documents. These documents apparently have put a bounty on my head. I now have seen the book of Maklumat, the book of codes. I have seen the exact documentation that will bring these people down. It’s in my possession. I am soon going to be getting it, very soon going to be getting it to other people who already have the Wilcock File.

You people know who you are. Please do not inspect the file. Only go with category one distribution if something happens to me. If you look in the revealing folder I have a list of criteria. Do not release category two unless the criteria of the revealing folder are met. At least three of the points in that folder must be met before you release category two. But category one would only occur if I am killed, okay? If you don’t hear from me in three or four days, then go ahead and put it out there.

In addition to that, if I put out a code phrase, as you guys know, because it’s in the revealing folder, and that code phrase says that if you see that in my next update, then you have to go with distribution plan one. And that’s all in the folder. Okay. So this is what we need to do. This is the plan that I put in place. I never expected that I would need to use this. Kerry, you know, I told you, I recorded everything – it’s a betrayal – but I recorded everything that happened when I was on the phone with Henry Deacon. I told him this when he was out here. That’s part of what’s in that file. There’s a lot of other very juicy things in that file.
Don’t make me do this, please. Okay?

I mean, okay. I’ve got to calm down. So, these people – here’s the story. Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1700s, wrote this document in which he said that if countries hold gold, that they are a risk to the world. This is the basis of what everything else that follows in the story comes from – Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations. The argument was that the people who hold the gold could take it out of one country and move it to another. Therefore, a country’s national sovereignty is at risk if they have gold. Any one country that is on the gold standard or any precious metal standard is a risk to the rest of the world. They become a detriment to the world.

The argument was that the gold has to be kept off of the market, kept out of the international market. This is the biggest secret. The gold had to be confiscated so that – originally the idea was that wealth would be created in proportion to the amount of wealth that the people of that nation are creating. In other words, the country issues fiat currency against the wealth created by their nation.
The problem was if you have a gold standard and you have people being born and they make more things and they create more wealth, there’s no more extra gold, and so the price of money goes up, which means if people have money, it becomes worth less and less and less and it destroys the country. So, ultimately you have to eliminate the gold standard in order to prevent against inflation like you saw in Weimar Republic Germany, where people have money in a wheelbarrow to buy a loaf of bread.

And this plan moved forward with the British Empire secretly run by the Rothschilds working as a proxy, where they knew that 85 percent of the world’s gold was contained in Asia. The reason why it was in Asia was that the people of the world, including the Roman Empire and the Spaniards much later were taking all the gold in the world and they were using that gold to pay for things that were coming from China, Asia, Indonesia, including things like spices that were very exotic and unavailable anywhere else, ceramics [sic], such as fine silks with beautiful patterns and colors, very fine china and pottery, these elaborate vases that had gold leaf painting on them with dragons and things like this. People wanted this stuff. It was way better quality than anything else in the world, and they paid for it in gold. Somehow, because China had really good stuff, they ended up with most of the world’s gold.
Is this all clear so far, Kerry?

Cassidy: Well, it is as a historical –

Wilcock: Okay.

Cassidy: – you know, sort of history. But at this moment I think the people are going to be confused as to why this has centered on you.

Wilcock: Okay. It turns out that the Rothshchild/British Empire invaded Japan and used Japan to go after China. Emperor Hirohito in 1921 went to London and they created the Bank of International Settlements. A secret treaty was made at this time. Fulford has been given this information. He’s not apparently used about 95 percent of the information that these people have been giving him. I don’t know why. But it was given to me and I’m trying to give it to you as fast as I can right now.

In 1921, the Bank of International Settlements was created. They created a plan, a very secret plan, in which all of the gold in the world would be confiscated and put under deposit secretly. That did occur. It occurred through Hirohito and his Japanese army in a plan called Golden Lily, where they invaded China and they plundered the gold out of China. First, they came in with bandits. The bandits robbed them of the gold, killed people. Then the Japanese army comes in and says, “Oh, you’ve got a bandit problem. We’ll save you.” When in fact it’s two sides of the same coin. The gold was stored in various locations.

Now, here’s the important part. There are two million tons of gold on deposit held by the Bank of International Settlements and the Federal Reserve. Secretly, the countries of the world have this money on deposit. The amount of money in actual terms of the spot value of gold, based on my calculation of the spot price of gold as of four days ago, the amount of money that they actually have is eleven million trillion dollars. Everything you think you’ve been told about how gold is scarce is not true. This is the biggest secret. This is what people are shitting their pants, and they do not want me to talk about this, because nobody expected this was going to make it out into the open.

And that’s what’s happening right now. That’s the secret. That’s the story. The story is that through the threat that led up to World War Two much of the gold in the world was plundered. It was plundered in the US because they made it illegal to own gold. If you had gold, they took it out of your safe deposit box. The Jews were robbed of their gold. They had much of the gold in Europe. This is…

[Music up]

So, we’ll talk more about that after the break, I guess.

Cassidy: Okay, this is Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio. We are having a very unusual show at this point. I’ve got Maxine Taylor, I believe, who’s going to be on the line with us. And she is an astrologer as well as, I will say, an intuitive. And so I don’t think it’s a bad thing that she’s actually here, although we’re going to be able to talk about what we were planning on talking about. We’ve got David Wilcock, who has received a death threat. And it’s very serious. From what I understand – David, are you still with me?

Wilcock: Yes.

Cassidy: You’ve got – on, you have written the part one of a communiqué to the people about a situation with regard to a lawsuit and gold. And –

Wilcock: That’s correct.

Cassidy: – he’s been explaining the situation. Because of what he wrote, from what I understand, and because of some association with Benjamin Fulford, he has received a very serious death threat. We are in the process of bringing on somebody else on this show who is going to address this situation from, let us say, a more strategic viewpoint. And that person will be known as Anonymous when they come on the air.
Okay, David, would you continue to describe the situation?

Wilcock: Okay. I – the last three weeks have been amazing. These people have welcomed me into their trust. In 1938, there was gold – seven giant US battleships’ worth of gold that was held by the Asians, that was shipped to the US, that was put on deposit secretly with the Federal Reserve. And bonds were issued in exchange for this money. There was supposed to be a plan in Bretton Woods that this – the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 is when, after World War Two, all of this gold confiscation was complete. One insider told me that he toured a facility personally in which you walk down the hall, it’s a mile long, there are doors on either side of the hall, [and] each of those doors leads into a room the size of a basketball gymnasium in which there are gold bullion bars, in bricks, stacked floor to ceiling.
I was told by another insider that gold is actually more plentiful than sand. I mean, they’re kind of kidding. But the point is that if you go on Wikipedia it will say there’s 120,000 tons of gold that’s officially recognized in the world. The actual number apparently is actually over two million tons. If you calculate what two million tons is worth on current spot price, it’s eleven million trillion dollars.

This is the currency – this is the actual collateral that secretly backs up all of the currencies of the world. It is only an illusion that it’s all fiat bubble money backed by nothing. The countries of the world needed that collateral to know that they could trust the economic systems. There is gold in Fort Knox, there is gold in other treasuries, but they are apologetically low compared to the amount that’s really there. It’s only a smoke and mirrors show for the public.

But apparently this plan has allowed them – what they ended up doing is they confiscated all the world’s wealth so that nobody could ever rise up against the fiat bubble money system in which they just type numbers into a computer and those numbers appear as money.

So, that’s what we’re dealing with. This is how it was done. It’s apparently the biggest secret there is. And they don’t want you to talk about this, but it appears that, you know, there’s…. The gold is kept in underground facilities. It’s kept – there are sunken ships at the bottom of the Marianas Trench and elsewhere throughout southeast Asia, where this gold is being kept. There is a treasure room on the island of Taiwan, underneath the island, that was hand dug by laborers. It is 40 miles by 50 miles wide and seven terraces deep. Apparently half of this entire room is filled with gold on one side and the precious treasures of China on the other side.

Ever since the 1920s, up until the late ’30s, China had every ship that they had sending this golden treasure out to Taiwan constantly. There is a very extreme amount of secrecy around all this. It is not public domain. UFOs, by comparison, are very easy to get information about. I have been researching these subjects ever since 1996 on the internet. I’ve had access to insiders since 2001, when I went to Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project at Washington, D.C. on May 10th, a closed executive summary briefing for members of Congress.
I had never heard about this before, but I’ve since found documentation that you can read. There’s a website, it’s called It is written by a man named David Guyatt. If you go to his website – it’s a little bit complicated, and you need to have a PC, but you can actually download, for free, five different books that he wrote. Those books include absolutely compelling documents from the Committee of 300, from the Trilateral Commission, from UBS Bank in Switzerland. They show you the codes, they show you the documentation. It’s an open secret.

I didn’t know this was out there. It’s like you have to know what questions to ask before you can open the doors. And then once I knew what questions to ask, I spoke to certain insiders and those insiders gave me more information. And I went forward and published an article that reveals this lawsuit that Fulford and the people that contacted Fulford are filing.

In the lawsuit the list of defendants includes the United Nations, the Italian prime minster, the head of the World Economic Forum – these are very heavy hitters. The lawsuit is for a trillion dollars. And this lawsuit is the tip of the spear that drives the wedge that will actually lead to the defeat of what I lovingly call the Old World Order. And it all comes back to China shipping off seven battleships’ worth of gold to the US. The Federal Reserve gave them bonds as collateral for that. The money was then put on deposit and used to underwrite the world economic system beginning in 1944 with Bretton Woods.

They were promised…. As a result of doing this, the Asians were promised that the money would be used for the betterment of the world, for the development of Asia and Africa, and by 1954 they realized that was not happening. They rebelled. They wanted to have change. That change eventually led to a plan that involved John Fitzgerald Kennedy and President Suharto of Indonesia. Kennedy actually issued an executive order, which is 11110, in which he was going to be able to issue silver-backed currency under his own decree, short-circuiting the Federal Reserve. And that would have created a precious metal-based currency. He was assassinated three days after he did this.

The Asians did not have the military might to be able to mount any other effective opposition. They literally waited for about 30 years until the charter that started in 1944 for Bretton Woods expired. It expired in 1994. They sued for the changing of the Federal Reserve System and for the whole system of the world economics. The people that run the Federal Reserve said no.

This led to another suit that came out in 1998, where China attempted to reclaim the gold that was, now they call it, stolen from them in 1938. It was a 60-year term that expired. The lawsuit was lost. In other words, the Federal Reserve lost the lawsuit in a secret trial that was at The Hague in the United Nations. And as a result of them losing this lawsuit they had a settlement put on them, and they were told that they had to return the money on September 12, 2001. The money was being held under Building 7 in the World Trade Center, and obviously, the day before, September 12, look at what happened.

[David is mistaken here. It was one of the towers, either WTC One or WTC Two. David made the same error when he was interviewing Fulford recently, and Fulford corrected him.]

We now know, we’ve heard that there was a gold vault under Building 7 [Note: this is the wrong building], that it was emptied, but now with the context of Fulford and what these people are telling me, that’s why that happened. Okay. Nothing else happened until there was another lawsuit placed against the Federal Reserve. They did come through. They did send out gold, except that when the gold was taken in by the Chinese it turned out that it was tungsten. It was electroplated with gold on the outside. It was worthless.

Since that time the Chinese changed their strategy. This isn’t really the ruling party of China. It’s not the Communists. It’s the deposed party under Chiang Kai-shek called the Kuomintang, that fled to Taiwan and Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere. So we need to make that clear.

So anyway, to get to the story, because I’m trying to do this as fast as I can, they lost, the Federal Reserve lost. They handed this gold off to the Kuomintang, the gold was fake, the Kuomintang responded by organizing an international alliance that caused the collapsing of the dollar and many American corporations. That was the 2008 financial collapse. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse, they created this TARP shit where they bailed everybody out. Nobody expected they were going to do that. It totally caught them by surprise that they created that much money out of thin air. It delayed the plans.

The next part of the plans involved this China’s October Surprise thing. Go to my website,, you can read all about that. But now what’s happened is that there’s also this plan involving this lawsuit. There’s 117 nations behind it. In fact, the number’s now gone up to 122, from what I’m hearing. And, you know, whatever they do to me, it’s not going to change this.

So, you guys are barking up the wrong tree here. If you’re threatening me, you’re only making it worse for yourselves, because you’re making –

Cassidy: Okay, David? This person and several of the people that are interested in protecting you need to know exactly how the threat came to you.

Wilcock: They probably know who the insider is. This insider called me by phone earlier today. This person told me that he had been called by two different people. Both of these people said that I would be very wise to release part two tonight, that it would be much safer for me if I released it tonight, that tomorrow might be too late. I was told that if I were tortured that I would be lucky…
Cassidy: Okay, but if you release it, are you not going to be tortured? Is the idea that if you release it –

Wilcock: Yeah, I was told that I’d be a lot safer if I got it out tonight.

Cassidy: And are you planning to – being on this radio show, are you planning to get it out tonight?

Wilcock: Yeah, I mean, I’m giving you the core of it, and the only other thing that’s left, that I haven’t already said, is questions and answers with the people that are on this lawsuit. But I’ve basically – as fast as possible, I’ve summarized the whole thing for you. That’s really all that’s left.

Cassidy: Okay. Does the White Hat information dovetail with this?

Wilcock: Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of corollaries here. There’s a lot of people that are kind of saying the same thing. I mean, this is what’s terrifying to people who are in leadership positions in the G5 countries, because they don’t like where this is going. They don’t like the fact that, you know, the people are going to be very pissed off when they find out that economics has been completely hijacked, that none of this economic collapse stuff ever needed to happen, and that all of the world’s wealth was confiscated to be able to allow them to what should have been actually a positive thing and could be a positive thing if it was measured correctly, which is just to issue money based on the amount of wealth that the nations are generating. But what it turned into is this ridiculous black screen thing where they just type numbers in a computer.

The only way they could do that, the only way they could take control of a planet and create as much money as they want out of thin air, is by confiscating all the actual gold that really existed. That is the biggest secret. That’s the secret that has taken me all this time to learn that I might have given my life to learn.

Cassidy: Well, okay, but…. My understanding is there’s no way that they have it all, if some of it is under – basically under water in the Philippines, for one thing.

Wilcock: Well, it’s all registered. That’s the thing you’ve got to understand. This money is all – it’s all documented….

Cassidy: Okay, but the White Hats are, you know, have been involved in this, which is, you know…. Their blogspot, I forget, it’s something like darkcabalblogspot or something dot com. But anyway, if you want to read more about this from that perspective. Okay, we’re going to a break. We’ve got a person that’s coming on the line shortly here. David, would I know this witness?

Wilcock: Yes.

Cassidy: Okay. Thank you.

[Music up; break]

Cassidy: And we are live with David Wilcock in a very serious situation in which he has received several death threats today as a result of an article he wrote. Part one is now on the web at, and he will be releasing part two tonight. But we are also doing this over the air now to take some of the heat off him. We are going to bring on a person who is working in a sensitive capacity around the world who has been notified of the situation. He has the ability to get the right people involved to make sure that David is protected, let’s put it that way. But this person will be anonymous. They will be – not be familiar with this situation, so David is going to have to possibly repeat some of what he has already described when the person comes on the air.
Maxine, are you still with us?

MAXINE Taylor: Yes, I am. And I am just honored and thrilled to be here. I adore David. I interviewed David. And I have his chart in front of me right now, as we’re –

Cassidy: Okay.

Taylor: – as he’s talking.

Cassidy: Well, thank you. And at some point if we can bring you into this discussion we certainly will. You’ve been an absolute doll. We’ll make it up to you. I knew you’d be sensitive to the situation, and just having you hold the space has been really, really fabulous. So let’s continue with the situation here.

David, what you’re going to need to do is go over the situation for our caller. Caller, are you on the air here? We’ve got Anonymous? Are you live?
Anonymous: Are you talking to me?

Cassidy: Hi there. Thank you so much for coming on the call. I do understand that you work in a very sensitive capacity, that you were just notified of the situation with David Wilcock, that you are concerned, and we welcome your presence here on the air with us tonight.

David will be happy to answer all of your questions, and go over everything for you.

David, say hello to Anonymous.

Wilcock: Hi there.

Anonymous: Hi there, David. I understand you’ve got a few problems there.

Wilcock: Yeah. It hasn’t been a very good day.

Anonymous: Well, can you tell me at all what’s been happening to you, lad?

Wilcock: I have been following this Benjamin Fulford story for a long time. He has been talking for two years now about a lawsuit that was going to be filed, that goes back to the Chinese, the Kuomintang, who had gold that they sent to the Federal Reserve in 1938 on seven battleships. Bonds were issued against that gold. It’s all being kept secret. It’s part of a vast trove of gold that is held as collateral against the world’s economies. They are actually not fiat bubble money. They are secretly backed by gold. Very, very few people know this. You probably do, but most people don’t.

The Kuomintang are trying to get that gold repatriated, or at least get a fair representation. Apparently it has caused a great deal of turmoil that they are doing this. And this lawsuit, I think, even though it was filed, it’s official, it’s on record with, and it was covered by Courthouse News Service, apparently these people who threatened me were very, very angry that I put all this story together about the lawsuit to try to reclaim this lost Chinese gold.

They threatened Benjamin Fulford, apparently. He disappeared for a day and a half. There was a television show he was supposed to be on. The people on the show said live on the air that he had been detained by a CIA-type group and held against his will in a hotel. Then Fulford shows up a day and a half later, calls the guy on the lawsuit who I’m now in contact with, and said, “Oh, no, I’m fine, I just went off to the mountains and had fun with my wife, and then I came home and I went to sleep.” Whereas Chodoin Daikaku, this guy who is apparently the head of the martial arts societies, karate and aikido in Japan, goes on the television show the next day and says that in fact he negotiated for Fulford’s release, that it was very nasty.

And so I posted all this on my website, including the videos to document it. The very next morning I get this phone call saying if I want to put out part two of my article I’d better do it tonight because there may not be a tomorrow for me. That’s the situation I’m under right now.

Anonymous: Well, you’d best put out part two, then.

Wilcock: As soon as this show gets done I’m going on line and that’s what I’m doing.

Anonymous: Let’s not disappoint them any. Make sure you don’t leave anything out. Put everything in. Put it all in. Let the world know.

Wilcock: Okay.

Anonymous: And we’ll be watching eh?

Wilcock: I think it’s time, I think it’s time.
Anonymous: We’ll be watching, and we’ll see. Was the laddie who rang you, was he kind enough to leave you a phone number, so you could talk to him?

Wilcock: Yeah, I mean, the insider who called me, I can call him whenever I want. He was called by two other people, one of whom said, “Do you like David Wilcock?” And then, you know, “Well you might want to talk to him while you have a chance.”

Anonymous: Well, David, we like you. And we’d be really unhappy if anything was to be happening to you.

Wilcock: I appreciate that.

Anonymous: I hope I can make that clear to all the viewers, and all the folks out there that are listening in all the communities that we all know about.

Cassidy: Would it be helpful if David were to type into the Skype here a phone number where you could reach this contact?

Anonymous: Well, it’d save me looking it up in the phone book, lassie.


Cassidy: Right. So, David, if you’re able to type into that information, I think that that would be very helpful.

Wilcock: Okay.

Cassidy: I have a theory on who this is, and I believe that that person may be standing by. If they’re not standing by, if there’s a way for you to make that possible, or if somebody else who’s with you could do that, that’d be great.

Wilcock: Well, this person would not come on the air, but I’m sending you –

Cassidy: I totally understand that.

Anonymous: Oh, no, no. Sort of, look, I really don’t [ ? ? ], humanitarian work here. And I don’t think there’ll be anything happening. So don’t worry too much.

Wilcock: I appreciate that. And I know that if you get grumpy, then some people will be very upset.
Anonymous: Ah, I hate to be grumpy! It’s Christmas time, you know.

Wilcock: Okay, I’m –

Anonymous: [Who wants to be grumpy?]

Cassidy: So this is just for the people that are on the – this is a private phone number. It is not to go out on the air –

Wilcock: Yeah, please.

Cassidy: – and this person is not to be called under any circumstances, other than by our very illustrious guest who is on a secret jobsite out in the larger world.

Wilcock: Yeah, please call, please make that connection. And if it’s true that this is –

Anonymous: Let me [make this clear to you?] for all your viewers. And you don’t know this, David. The gold you’re talking about is a small amount of gold. It’s not a lot of gold when you consider the amounts of gold we’re dealing with. We deal with vast amounts far in excess of what you think you know about. The gold is so wide and so vast that the real problem is how to keep it all down, keep it quiet. It doesn’t matter. The long [ ? ] days of all of that gunboat diplomacy is long gone, and the low level fellows that try to think that they’ve somehow [ ? ] have got nothing to do with it.

And if any of these little lads who hang on with their public service jobs want to create a little problem, oh, let’s create a big fucking problem. I’m a little [ ? ] with the language there. I’ve been out here in the field too long. But we know where they all live, too. We know where all their families are. We know where everybody is.

Cassidy: That’s very important. I think it bears repeating. So caller, because your voice is a little faint – David –

Anonymous: Well, I’m a long way away, lassie. If you only knew how far away I was. Let me tell you, I’m a long – I’m so far away you couldn’t believe.

Cassidy: But David, could you repeat that for the public? I’m going to let you repeat that, that they know where these people are, they know their homes, their houses, their families, they know all the details?

Wilcock: Yeah. I can hear the caller very well. I hope the audience can to. If not, we can probably post-produce this after the live show and bring the levels up so everybody will be able to hear this.
It is true that I have spoken to people all across the spectrum, at the very highest levels of every part of this cover-up. What this caller has notified us about is that there is much more gold even than what I was referring to on the show just now. The problem is how to keep it from really damaging human life on this planet, because if people know this it could really cause a lot of pain for a while.

I do think there needs to be a change. I do think this lawsuit needs to be made public. But I’m not sure that, you know, I’m not an expert, I’m not an economist, I just wanted to write about a story. I’m not the President, I’m not running the country. All I’m doing is writing about this, and … you know, I’m – what he said was that –
Cassidy: Let me say that caller – and this is for the anonymous caller here to address, but isn’t it true that a lot of the gold is being taken off world as we speak, anyway?

Anonymous: Well, it gets put everywhere, you know. It’s all over the place. It’s not in one spot.

Cassidy: Okay.

Anonymous: You wouldn’t want to put all your eggs in one basket now, would you?
[music up]

Cassidy: Okay, we’re – I’m, sorry, but we actually have to go to break, we don’t have a choice on this. We’ll be right back with this developing story with David Wilcock, our anonymous caller and Maxine Taylor who’s standing by. Thank you very much.


Cassidy: okay, this is Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, Whistleblower Radio. We have a very sort of developing story at the moment with regard to David Wilcock who has receive death threats for an article that he wrote on divine, and I urge everyone to go to that website. We are in the process – my webmaster Tommy Hansen is in Norway, and it’s the middle of the night there but he has come on line and he is working on trying to get a PDF so that this is downloadable. We have gotten word from our listeners that they want to be able to download the article and distribute it around the net, and possibly other places. So we are working on that now.

We’ve got Maxine Taylor who is an author and an astrologer on the line, and she is standing by. She was my original guest, and she’s being very gracious. Maxine, you want to say hello to everyone?

Taylor: Oh, absolutely. David, it’s so wonderful to hear your voice again. I’m thrilled for you. And darling, I’ve already looked at your chart. You are safe.

Wilcock: [ ? ] like Pluto crossing my mid-heaven or anything like that?

Taylor: No, darling, nothing like that. Nothing like that. You’ve got some awesome aspects, and if you like, you can call me when we’re off the air, and I’ll tell you what I see. Because your chart is private, and I don’t want to share it publicly without permission. But I’ll share with you what I’m seeing. So, please keep talking.

Wilcock: Yeah, this eclipse we had over the weekend was so intense for me, for personal reasons that are unrelated to writing this article – I guess mildly related – but I have been through so much emotional cleansing, and I had – that the night of the eclipse I was up all night in bed. I was cold, I was almost – I was so cold I was like shivering in bed, just because of the emotional intensity of the stuff that I’ve been moving through. And so to hear all this and to be threatened in the midst of what actually has been very powerful and positive healing effects for me, it was kind of – it caught me off guard. I usually, I think I’m pretty brave to be doing what I’m doing, and I don’t want to be intimidated, but I just lost it on your show, so.

Cassidy: Well, I – that’s okay, and, you know, this kind of honest, you know, sort of depiction of where we’re at is crucial for people to start to be honest with each other and understand that the people that do the kinds of jobs we do do put ourselves on the line. And we do need to bond together to protect each other. And white light – put –surround each other with white light and protection.
We’ve got anonymous on the line standing by. Anonymous, are you there?

Anonymous: I am still here.

Cassidy: Okay, Anonymous. We are really grateful to have you with us. We would like to talk about this developing story. I do want to ask you a question because it’s my understanding that in some ways these kind of death threats – which I have also received in the past – are a type of psychological operation more than anything else. Do you think this is a psy-op?

Anonymous: I think they’re just troublemakers.

Cassidy: You think they’re troublemakers.

Anonymous: [ ? ? ] They don’t like it. Ruins the industry reputation.

Cassidy: [inaudible, and laughter] I was going to – yeah, that’s a pretty tall order, to ruin the reputation of the Illuminati, but I guess they’re going to work on it! Could you elaborate, caller?

Anonymous: Yes, well, we’ve got a simple rule. If you fellows always tell the truth, don’t embellish, tell the truth and don’t compromise anyone’s privacy, their addresses, their families, you’re as safe as if you’re [in a bank vault full of gold?].

Cassidy: So, David hasn’t –

Wilcock: Yeah.

Cassidy: – leaked addresses or any of that stuff.

Wilcock: Yeah. I mean, part two was going to be released tonight, which I’ve already had the guys reviewing the document and making sure that they have no objections. They actually wrote me. I mean, I have an email here, and I’m going to read it. Let’s see if I can find it. Yeah, he said, “Dear David, my only suggestions are to remove the names of blank, blank, and remove the part where you mention names of people who have been talking to blank.”

[overtalk, inaudible]

Anonymous: Well, I think I just said that, didn’t I?

Wilcock: Yes. This is what he’s saying. He’s saying –

Anonymous: Well, he gives the same advice.

Wilcock: “These people have to live with the very people who are the ones we are fighting, and I thin it is a breach of confidence to leak their names. More than that, a number, which now includes name, name and name, is now feeding us information from directly inside the highest levels of the cabal. We should not expose them as it would negate their usefulness to us. Like us, they want change, but they have to work with those whom we are fighting. The only other thing I request is –”

Anonymous: David, David, my boy. That’s all fine. I’m not a good numbers man with all of this sort of thing. But let me tell you this. I know that all your [ ? ] all your listeners can know, there’s many more tens of millions of tons of fine precious metals around the place than you could ever imagine. What you’re talking about is a sand bucket full of nonsense. It doesn’t matter. It’s little. It’s unimportant. And all those little fellows that are so far down the ladder, they’re all buzzing around like ants trying to [find the best?] breadcrumbs that fall off the table.

Cassidy: Okay, so what the caller is saying, if I understand, caller – and you can correct me if I’m wrong – you’re basically saying that the threats are coming from a lower level, isn’t that right?

Anonymous: They’re all a bunch of fools as far as I’m concerned.

Cassidy: Okay, so, it is important to know that we’re talking about different levels. And by the way a PDF has now been created of your article by Tommy Hansen –

Wilcock: Oh, great.

Cassidy: It is going to be mounted on our forum, where people can go to I assume that Tommy, who is listening, will start a thread for this radio show and for this situation where people can post and all kinds of things can be said and whatever. But we will allow David to monitor that thread as well, and put the PDF there so that people can have access to downloading it as they need to.

But basically to get back to the caller, so, caller, what you’re saying is that the gold is plentiful, that the people who are actually making threats regarding certain gold are kind of off base, in a sense.
Anonymous: Very much so. These – the little offshoots and these little cells that grow independently, they’re all concerning a [time. But if they become?] too noticeable for us, we’ll go and have a talk to them. So they should be mindful about who they’ve threatened. You’ve heard about the bigger fish that eats the little fish and then the shark comes along and eats the bigger fish. Well, they might be a tasty little meal for us.
Cassidy: [laugh] Okay. Well, this kind of –

Anonymous: And I’m not in your public relations department, I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m not in your public relations department. I don’t know how to talk softly or gently or say the right sort of things. I mean, I’m accepting the call because of a mutual friend.

Cassidy: Certainly. And we, well, we want to thank you for that. I think that the callers – well, I think that the listeners, whoever is out there who is monitoring this radio show, will be well aware that we’ve kind of brought in the big guns so to speak on our side. There are some people out there, wouldn’t you say, caller, who consider David Wilcock to be family. Wouldn’t you put it that way?

Anonymous: Let me say this. As far as I’m advised, if anyone bothers this lad or a few of the others that are around trying to tell the messages that they’re telling, we’ll be heartily pissed off, and it won’t be one or two that’ll have a headache. I can assure you, countries will have headaches. And the people out there who are listening will know what I’m talking about. We don’t deal in ones and twos.

Cassidy: Okay. So, so –

Anonymous: We deal in whole societies.

Cassidy: Okay. Well, you know, I don’t want to encourage too much of this kind of talk, but I do want –

Anonymous: Ma’am, I’m sorry. But you’re talking about the things at the sharp end of the business. There’s none of this funny, woofy, soffy stuff that you guys all go on about. We’re very serious. Nobody is to be interfered with unless they do the wrong things. As long as they don’t break the rules, which are simple – tell the truth, and don’t compromise any of the other little people’s privacy – simple as that. Not too hard to follow, hey?
Cassidy: So, David, you know, you should rest assured where you are…. And I just want to say from you know I am in your neighborhood, you know, I’m basically here if you need me in any way, shape or form, as you know. And I can be there very, very shortly if necessary. And you are also welcome in my home at any time.
Wilcock: Yeah, I mean –
Cassidy: You and your loved ones are welcome in my home.
Wilcock: Thank you.
Cassidy: And – and I just –
Anonymous: And David, and David, my boy – I’m sorry to interrupt, ma’am – but I’ll be up having some snow skiing and meeting some of the most lovely friends of mine in Asia. We’re going to have a lovely get together in about a week. So I’ll be talking about you to make sure I know you’re all right, and the leaders of these countries will also be really interested to know you’re all right and you’re freely publishing whatever you want, so long as it’s the truth. We’ll be very upset if we don’t see all your publications. I want you to send everything bout, everything you can think of, my boy. Put it all out there. [All of it? or A lot?].
Wilcock: Okay. Honestly, Kerry, I was going to flee. I was going to get in my car –
Anonymous: Don’t you flee! Go and have a lovely dinner. I’ll be you you’re one of these fellows that likes dining in around Los Angeles, somewhere around the beach. Go and do that.
Wilcock: Okay.
Anonymous: You go and do that, and if you’ve got any doubts, put 20 or 30 little drives, those little thumb drives, give 20 to your friends you trust, put another 20 around the world with people you don’t even know, and give them to someone to dish out to everyone. And that way you’ll fuck them all.
Wilcock: That’s already been done.
Anonymous: Good! Excellent.
Wilcock: That’s an excellent suggestion!
Anonymous: That’s right. Well, you [ ? ] them all, because we don’t need any of that stuff.
Wilcock: You didn’t hear this, but I already have given instructions to all Wilcock file holders, including the fact that you will be getting an update very shortly with new information. Do not release the information unless you are authorized to, which will be the code phrases that I gave you that will appear in my article.
Anonymous: Oh, [ ? ? ? ] You do that for all of them. Understand that we don’t need any of that. We don’t need to investigate. We have ways and means of knowing what’s in everyone’s information, everyone’s computer. We don’t need a thing. We do it in a different way. We need no physical material requirements at all. No machinery, as you understand it.
Wilcock: Well, yeah. I mean, I – this was my form of backup, so…
Anonymous: You do that, because the people that are bothering you, if in fact these are even real people and not [nuts and holders?], they’re a nothing. They don’t exist. They’re not worth a piece of used tissue paper.
Wilcock: Well, this phone call I got was serious as a heart attack, but I can tell you are too. And –
Anonymous: Oh, David, we’re the sorts of folk that don’t follow you after the heart attack. When you’ve died, son, we’ll be there on the other side to bother you again.
Cassidy: Yeah. So –
Anonymous: So be assured we can bother them just as [ ? expectantly?] after the death of their body. And don’t talk about torture in this life, talk about torturing lives that go for thousands of generations.
Wilcock: Well, I appreciate that, you know –
Anonymous: Do you understand what I’m saying? You understand the depths of what we’re talking about?
Wilcock: I do.
Anonymous: And this phone call’s coming from so far beyond the never-never, you could never appreciate it.
Cassidy: Okay. Well, well, caller, thank you so much –

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